Great Gatsby Parties Descriptive Essay

THE GREAT GATSBY CHAPTER 3 COMMENTARY ESSAY By describing Gatsby’s lavish party, Fitzgerald illustrates the wealth of upper class people during the Roaring twenties. At that time, car was still a luxury good and could only afforded by affluent people. However, this conspicuous consumption seems like nothing to Gatsby when “his Rolls Royce became an omnibus, bearing parties to and from the city between nine in the morning and long past night”. His wealth is anticipated through the rumors that people talked about him in previous chapter, and through the way Fitzgerald describes him in fanciful. Nick, who was invited to the luxury party, seems to be dazzled by Gatsby’s enormous property. The overabundance use of conjunction in fourth paragraph can clearly demonstrates this. For instance, when the orchestra arrives, he describes it by listing all the items:”a whole pitful of oboes and trombones and saxophones and viols and cornets and piccolos, and low and high drum”. The repetition of “and” gives us a sense of overwhelmed, when his

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Gatsby's house serves as a key symbol of aspiration, reflecting both Gatsby's success as an American self-made man and the mirage of an identity he has created to win Daisy's love. Gatsby follows his American dream as he buys the house to be across the bay from Daisy, and has parties to gain wide-spread recognition in order to impress her. In the beginning of the novel, Fitzgerald sets the scene describing how the party was prepared and when the entertainment arrived. At these parties, an extreme amount of preparation went into the food. According to the account of Nick Carraway, Jay's neighbor, the caterers rolled out numbers of tables with load upon load of every variety of food imaginable. Each table was delicately stacked with all…show more content…

When Gatsby?s party guests start to arrive most of the ladies had ?hair shorn in strange new ways.? This concluded that the genre of people that were approaching were of a higher class than most who possess riches and elegant garments that they could flaunt amongst others. It?s as if they were dressing up for a Halloween party. Their garments were immense and ostentatious so people could recognize who they were and they could at least have the attention on them for few minutes. If their outfit was excessive, then the rest of their attire had to be fit to a tee, including their hair, nails, make-up and even shoes, ?shawls beyond the dreams of Castile.? All of these preparations were all just for appearances. No one cared for one another, not even the host of the party, they only cared about their wants and needs in life. At the same time as guests were filling the halls, the bar was set up overflowing with several alcohol beverages and the ?floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside.? This quote is symbolic because it seems as if no one would touch the food until they made their appearance in front of everyone and in order to achieve that goal, the place had to filled with chatter and laughter. When everyone introduced themselves, it is ?casual innuendo and introductions forgotten on spot.? This represents their carelessness toward each others? mind-set and their individual personalities. It?s like words went in one ear

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